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How to determine the amount of boron in the human body

Dear friends!

    This section is focused on such an essential vital trace element as boron (B), located under the number 5 in the periodic table.

how to determine the amount of boron in the human body

    Free boron was discovered by French chemists J. Gay-Lussac and L. Thénard in 1808, and its name comes from an Arabic word "burag" which stands for "borax".

Boron is an element of the essential nature, which means that it is not capable of self-generating in the human body, but it must be present in the body in order to ensure its normal functioning. Boron gets into the human body mainly through water and food we consume.

    This trace element is mostly contained in vegetables and fruit, legumes and nuts, cereals and wine, qua salts and various compounds. We also get it through the drinking water (including mineral water) in those regions where its natural level is high (regions of Altai , Novosibirsk, Omsk, etc.).

    The essential nature of boron manifests itself  through the following body systems and functions.

• Metabolism regulation. Boron affects such trace and major elements as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.

• Bone tissue. Boron regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphate, as well as the synthesis of nucleic acids in bones.

    Its lack causes hypovitaminosis of  vitamin D which results in growth retardation.

• The antiviral immunity. Boron suppresses the inflammatory reactions through inhibiting a number of enzymes.

• Hemopoiesis. Boron is involved in the maturation of blood cells or hematogenesis.

• The steroid hormone metabolism. Boron increases the concentration of hormones in the blood plasma.

• The physical and mental condition. Boron increases the amount of steroids in the blood plasma, thus increasing the ability to tolerate increased physical and emotional stress.

     It is worth noting that, boron is the basic component of food additives made for professional athletes, which replace heavy steroid drugs qua doping.

• The postmenopause. This period in a life of a woman is characterized  by the lack of boron. Its curing increases the amount of estradiol in the blood.

• Cell energy metabolism. Boron is involved in the cell energy metabolism and membrane transport.

    Boron is easily absorbed into a digestive tract and excreted with urine (by 90-99%) and it practically does not get accumulated in the body. The main organs acting as depot for boron  are a liver, a thyroid gland, a spleen and a bone marrow.

    Boron has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiepileptic, anti-tumor and lipid-lowering clinical effects on the human body.

A lack of boron in a diet can lead to a big number of pathologies, such as:

• the growth inhibition;

• osteohalisteresis;

• hypoparathyrosis;

• the lack of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

    Is worth noting that besides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-epileptic properties of boron, the most important clinical effect it has on the human body is the anti-tumor effect.

It has been clinically proven that boron demonstrates the high inhibitory activity against Ehrlich B16 carcinoma, melanoma, leukemic cells and glandular cancer. Its major anti-tumor effect is reached through the inhibition of both DNA synthesis and growth of tumor cells. It has been noticed that boron is able to stabilize the genome in a number of cases.

However, the exceeded level of this essential element in the human body can be just as dangerous as its lack.

    The excess of boron manifests itself through the following symptoms and clinical conditions:

• hepatitis;

• enteritis;

• pneumonia;

• nephrosonephritis;

• anemia deficient in copper and cobalt;

• the growth inhibition;

• boron intoxication, etc.

    Regarding the acute intoxication with boron, such pathology manifests itself through the symptoms of neuropathy, erythrocyturia, necrosis of hepatocyte. The chronic boron poisoning is accompanied with the symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, i.e. pneumocondioses.

It is important to remember about the high  danger of intoxication with boron compounds for the newborns, since boron is well absorbed into the baby skin when the baby lotions are applied or it can get into the body through the ear canals with the ear drops, prescribed for inflammatory processes.

Also, breastfeeding mother must not treat her nipples with boric acid solutions, since it puts the babies at risks of intoxication.

Regarding  the interaction of boron with other trace elements, the lack of vitamin D causes absorption and retention of calcium and phosphorus and the increase in the amount of magnesium in the body.

As you can seen from the data on the microelement given in this article, boron plays quite an essential  role in the human livelihood, thus, knowing its property, as well as monitoring its level in your body, will help to avoid many negative troubles.

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    Answering the question of “how to determine the amount of boron in the human body / how to study the level of boron in the child's body”, we must say that there is only one method capable of giving the accurate distribution pattern of trace elements in the human body, i.e. the innovative method of coupled plasma mass spectrometry, of inorganic biological samples (hair, nails, bones, etc.).

Besides quantifiable data on boron, you will learn the complete information on the other 32 trace elements, which would allow you to get the full picture of the body condition and detect its weak points for the following corrections of your bioelemental  status.

Speaking of studying the organic matter, i.e. studying the presence of boron in the blood, urine, saliva, etc., such methods are used only in case of intoxication for monitoring the content of the studied trace elements straight  after intoxication occurred .

In the normal state most of the useful and toxic trace elements are deposited in tissues and a skeleton and they cannot be distinguished through the study of organic samples in the proper ratio.

    Toxic trace elements get systematically accumulated in the tissues, organs, bones and other body structures, therefore it is impossible to detect their exact presence through studies of the organic samples such as urine, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, etc.

It also applies to the detection of the vital trace elements when their exact quantity needs to be determined in order to build an overall picture of the bioelemental status qua the aggregate of vital and toxic elements.

    That is exactly why the unique laboratory of elemental analysis aimed at detecting and monitoring the presence of toxic trace elements in the human body of was launched within the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2007. The service was initially meant for employees of the huge structure accountable to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

    The spectral analysis (you can learn more about the method by clicking this link is a unique method which provides the most  accurate information both on vital and toxic trace elements, present in a human body, which makes it possible to study the wide range of indicators instead of focusing on a certain single chemical element.

You can look into an example of the study done through the method of the spectral analysis by clicking this link.

It is a matter of great importance, since the trace elements constitute a single system and the lack of some elements causes the accumulation of the others, which results in replacement of the certain elements with the other once.

    As you might see, our project is fully devoted to the spectral analysis and its principle with regard to health control. We will gladly assist you at every step of this study, elucidate the obtained results and, if necessary, advise you on how to restore the elemental status of your body.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the method of spectral analysis!

The uniqueness of this method makes it possible to study samples sent from any part of the world as a usual letter. It is a truly unique tool of the health control.

Remember that the systematic control over the vital sighs it is the major step on the way to well-being and longevity.

We would like to thank you for your kind attention!

Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru

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